Web applications



Do you have idea for a startup? Something that is completely new or differs significantly from existing solutions? You need tailor-made application.

1. Analysis

We deeply analyze your business goals and requirements, study the domain of your business, research competitive solutions and propose appropriate technical solutions.

3. Development

We will propose, build, design, test and deploy software systems to the production environment. Trust us and let us guide you through the whole process.

3. Complementary services

We can mediate quality law services for you, including preparation of software licenses, data processor agreements, cookies agreement, security plans and others.


How expensive is software development with us? The final price varies with each project. Our case study, based on real clients’ needs, will give you an idea.

Case study

Simple social network for young talented musicians.

Client needs
User registraction, login, logout, forgotten password.
User interaction, adding posts, commenting, rating.
Automatized processes, sending notifications, newsletters.
Admin interface, user management, post management etc.
Google Analytics and Facebook integration.
Responsive design.
Precise optimization for search engines (SEO).
Everything tailor-made just for you.
Work scope
Initial consultation with client.
1 hours
Analysis of business goals, roles and use cases.
10 hours
Consultation with client regarding analysis.
1 hours
Software architecture design, object analysis, data model.
10 hours
Consultation with client regarding software architecture.
1 hours
Implementing first, minimalistic version of application.
30 hours
Implementing second, extended version of application.
30 hours
Implementing third, final version of application.
30 hours
Consultation with client after every version.
3 x 1 hours
Graphic design.
30 hours
Inserting data - texts, photos etc.
10 hours
Detailed testing.
10 hours
Deployment to production environment, technology setup.
10 hours
1 hours
Phone and electronic communication.
5 hours

182 hours ~ 3640 Euro

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