Tailor-made software



We are just like you. We believe in simple yet important values.


Your business goals and needs are unique. They require deep analysis and a tailor-made solution.


Software should be simple and useful. 20% of functionality often fulfills 80% of your needs.


To accomplish high quality services, a high level of expertise and quality processes are needed.


Our mutual relationship, trust and ability to communicate are the most important factors affecting project outcomes.


We like to work where advanced knowledge is required. Where common content management systems reach their limits.


Are you considering an online identity? Or do you already have one and want to enhance it? Let us create a professional website for you.

Information systems

Is your ogranization overloaded with documents, excel sheets, folders and packed bulletin boards? It is time to switch to a system, that will replace them all.

Data processing

Do you collect data from different sources and evaluate them in detail? Proper software will do it all for you. Automatically, on a regular basis, fast, accurately and without errors.


We are proud to present our clients’ opinions of our work.

Software for management of theatre performances, created and delivered by this company, simplified our work and brought even more pros than we expected. Second realized project—website of theatre—is visualy appealilng, well-arranged and adjusted for our real needs. I especially appreciate communication on high professional level, expertise and sense for simplicity.

I cooperated with this company on several projects and I continue to do so because of my very positive experiences. They are very helpful, they will analyse and evaluate your requirements and propose an ideal solution. They understand their business, every single requirement is a challenge for them and they will do their best to deliver. I recommend company clarz to all my relatives.

Michal Dlužanin (chief executive officer)

I was more than satisfied. Immediately after obtaining the assignment they contacted a graphic designer, taken over all required communications, proposed needed steps and a few days after confirmation, we had website ready.

Thanks to company clarz we implemented several successful projects. Meetings with representatives of the company are executed in the spirit of proficiency and friendly, inspirative atmosphere at the same time. Our mutual cooperation brings high added value to both sides.

Martin Kostelník (chief executive officer)



We give full attention to every one of our projects. Therefore we do not take on more projects than we can handle. The closest free date to start work on your project is click to load. Contact us now and book our time for your project.


We value your time. Therefore we promise you, that we will only contact you on your own request and always with a relevant reason.

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